What Causes Hemorrhoids?! Let’s Dig Deep Into The Root Of The Problem..

hemorrhoid helpHemorrhoids, though not usually fatal, can cause some nasty and annoying experiences to the sufferer! Most of the time, this can be treated easily with home remedies. We just need to get bit careful of few of our lifestyle or eating habits.

But before we can treat it effectively, we need to know the major reasons that causes it to occur in the first place. Because until and unless we take care of those root causes specifically, it will keep re-occurring again and again in the future, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. We have to eliminate the root causes to get rid of it completely.

Whenever that itchiness, irritation or the pain occurs down there, the first question that hits us usually is WHY?! What is, or are the reasons that are causing all these unwanted issues?! Let’s examine it…

Hemorrhoids are the present in each and every one of us. They actually refer to the blood vessels present in the smooth muscle of the rectal wall. They are located in the junction point where the small vessels and the veins merge. These blood vessels are cushioned by the smooth muscles and connective tissues.

Hemorrhoids are important part of our anatomy as they help us maintain the fecal continence. They also make a tight seal preventing any kind of leakage from the anus. Without them, all the waste that gathers in our colon will flow freely out of our rectum, which would not be a pleasant situation for us at all.

hemorrhoids diagramHemorrhoids only become an issue when swelling or inflammation takes place. It’s only then that the itching, pain or bleeding occurs. When there is increase in the pressure, these blood vessels swell and engorge with blood. The strain also cuts the blood flow, and thus also cutting down the oxygen flow to the veins, making them weaker & susceptible to damage.

So as we can infer from the above discussion,  the root causes of Hemorrhoid is weakening & damage of the hemorrhoid veins present in the anal canal or the rectum, due to too much strain or friction on it, ultimately resulting in their swelling and inflammation.

There are various reasons that put excessive pressure or strain on these blood vessel and vein. Here are few of the major ones.

  • Constipation: This is a very common problem that leads to hemorrhoid. Due to constipation, the bowel movement suffers, making it very infrequent. As a result the stool becomes too hard and dry. This makes the person suffering from constipation to exert some extra pressure to expel the stool out of the anus, thus putting a lot a strain and friction on the blood vessels and veins of the rectal wall. This makes a good cause for hemorrhoid issues. To avoid this, you should take a lot of high-fiber food that will help in the smoother excretion of your stool. Drink lots of water and keep your body well hydrated. Keep yourself away from too much of spicy intakes and include more of the fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. This will relief your from constipation and hemorrhoid issues too.
  • Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time: Avoid talking the newspaper or your favorite novel with you into the toilet. Sitting for long periods in the toilet puts a lot of pressure on your anal region, thus increasing the chances of hemorrhoids many fold. You should also avoid sitting in chairs for extended periods of time. Get some break, take a small wake around and release that constant pressure on your buttock for a while. This will ease your anal area and get the blood flowing in that area.
  • Obesity: This is said to be one of the big reason of many suffering from hemorrhoid issues. The excessive fat & weight put some unnecessary pressure on the anal wall causing them to damage and swell. Put a check on your eating habits. Eat healthy and avoid junk food.
  • Pregnancy: A lot of women experiences hemorrhoid for the first time during their pregnancy period. The enlarged uterus & the added weight in the pelvic region puts a lot of strain in the rectum. Hormonal changes during this period adds to it. There is also a lot a pressure during delivery, which also aggravates the hemorrhoid issues.
  • Age: With age, all our tissues and muscles become weaker. The connective tissues in the rectal wall also loses strength, and the blood vessels and the veins becomes thinner. This increases the risk of hemorrhoids to a large extent. Staying active, healthy eating and regular exercise will keep help in avoiding these situations to a large extent.

So these were few of the major causes of Hemorrhoids. There are many more that we will be discussing in the coming future. Do keep an eye for it. But, now that you know your ailment a lot more, you should be in a better position to deal with hemorrhoids and its problems effectively.

Till then, stay healthy!

Here is a video below that will help you understand these and few more of the causes of hemorrhoids. Enjoy!


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