Treating Hemorrhoids The Right Way – Essential Do’s and Don’ts You Should Follow!


It is conspicuous how the modern day static lifestyle has given rise to numerous life threatening diseases. Due to our arrogance and negligence they reach an alarming stage from wherein it gets difficult to return. It is furthermore observed, people are more reluctant to avail treatments in cases where the infection is seen to originate from any of the private parts of our body. One such case is Hemorrhoids. They are one of the most embarrassing disorders a person could have. Majority of the people, worldwide, are suffering from this debilitating disease but only about 40% seek medical attention. Thus, lack of proper discussion and not seeking the right treatment in time, consequently results with the patients, suffering in silence.

As discussed earlier, itchiness or irritation in and around the anus, bright red blood stains on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl are few of the common phenomenons experienced by a person suffering from hemorrhoids. It can also show up as a small lump like protrusions located on the anal region of the body in some. Hemorrhoids are nothing but dilated and irritated veins of the rectal walls.

According to some statistics, hemorrhoids occur a lot more in males compared to females. They are prevalent particularly in pregnancy and aging adults as well, as in these cases, the veins become too fragile and easily get distended due to lack of elasticity.

Whether you are sleeping, sitting or walking, these hemorrhoids can become quite uncomfortable and painful, thus disrupting your day to day life flow. As soon as you see or feel any of the symptoms, it’s highly recommended that you attend these issues with utmost priority as soon as possible and take care of these by proper treatment in its early stages, before they do any further damage to your system.

Ignoring this problem can worsen the condition. At these critical stages, medical treatment varying from taking high dosage pain killers and medication to complicated surgeries may become indispensably applicable. These types of procedures can be obnoxiously expensive because of which not many people could afford. One may also have to go undergo a series of tests to determine that the pain and bleeding is not caused by other serious medical problems like colorectal cancer or anal cancer. These unwanted complicated situations can be really annoying and can be easily avoided.

So, it’s advisable to be diligent in choosing the right kind of remedies rather than trying ointment after ointment only to find that it was a quick fix and you have to buy more? Or worse, the medications have made your hemorrhoids worse?

Home treatments and remedies for hemorrhoids are actually an excellent and effective way to prevent occurrence of hemorrhoids and even cure them permanently, without the fear of re-occurrence. These treatments are both convenient and cost-effective.

Below are some do’s and don’ts for the successful treatment of hemorrhoids, considering which one will be able to prevent or cure hemorrhoids. Following these natural steps will take good care of your pains and nasty irritations.

  1. Identify your triggers and avoid them. One common triggering factor of hemorrhoid development is prolonged standing and sitting. Do not strain during bowel elimination. Doing this will just increase the chances of developing or irritating a hemorrhoid.
  1. Overweight and obesity adds more pressure to the veins, making your condition worse. So, do make an effort to lose those extra kilos. Exercise a lot (preferably something like Yoga, as it doesn’t put strain on your back. Any type of strain is bad for you, as it can aggravate your hemorrhoid problem, rather than curing it). Also avoid eating junk and go for green and healthy food.
  1. Do relax in a 15 minutes Sitz bath of luke warm water and Epson salt a day. Doing this 3-4 times a day will be very soothing and will keep the delicate area nicely cleansed thus providing relief.
  1. Drink a minimum of two liters of fluids each day. It will not only keep your body well hydrated and help you have proper circulation of blood but will also keep the stools moist making easier for them to pass through the intestines during bowel emptying. (The minimum fluid requirement before was 8 glasses per day but now, it has been updated to at least 2 liters a day. It will depend on your activities, the more you perspire, the more fluids are needed. This will help the body maintain adequate fluids.
  1. Do not drink tea and alcohol in excess. This will cause dehydration and lead to hard stools and more straining.
  1. Application of ice packs is another effective hemorrhoid home treatment. They offer instant relief. Prepare a crushed ice and put it inside a plastic container. Wrap it with a cloth and put it directly into the affected area. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes until relief is felt.
  1. Do not wear tight fitting undergarments. They will increase irritation and friction. Refrain from wearing g-strings or thongs until the hemorrhoid is healed. Instead, wear loose cotton-made underwear to allow proper flow of air.
  1. Try tub therapy. Just like ice packs, this procedure is very convenient and easy to do. Fill the tub with Luke warm water and then submerge the buttocks for 20 minutes until pain is relieved.
  1. Consume fiber rich diet such as nuts, vegetables, whole grains and wheat bran to bulk out the stools and apples, barley, citrus fruits, psyllium and flax seeds to soften the stool.
  1. Do not eat red meats, highly spiced foods, fatty foods, over processed foods. These kinds of food irritate your piles and make the symptoms worse.
  1. Do squat when you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. This means that the anal canal is straight, thereby eliminating straining. Squatting is said to be natural prevention when it comes to hemorrhoids.
  1. Do not sit on the toilet seat, however comfortable or cosy as it may be. This causes the anal canal to be bent out of shape when it is supposed to be straight.
  1. Do not do any strenuous exercise or lift anything heavy. This will make your hemorrhoids worse.
  1. Do not use conventional hemorrhoid products. Most pills and ointments contain harsh chemicals that can give you side-effects such as nausea, headaches, and diarrhea.
  1. Use natural products or home remedies that are so simple to prepare and have safe, reliable ingredients in them; having no side-effects.
  1. After going to the toilet, clean your anus with moist toilet paper by patting it gently. It might be best to not to take oral hemorrhoid medication without consulting your doctor first. But, you may use a numbing ointment and topical cream containing hydrocortisone to relieve pain and itching.

All these steps will act like the first aid in treating your hemorrhoids. These are things that will prevent the ailment to worsen and get you started in the healing process. We will also be discussing a lot of natural remedies and cures for your hemorrhoid that will quicken your healing and relief you off the pain and irritation faster.

Do take care of yourself by following these simple steps above. We are coming up with lots of awesome contents for you very soon.

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