The First Step For Curing Hemorrhoids – Watch Your Diet!

Whether its we talk about serious  issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Failure, Heart Stroke, Cancer or regular common problems like Acne, General Physical Weakness, Heartburn or even something like the annoying Hemorrhoids. They all are related somehow or the other to our regular diet and lifestyle. How healthy or unhealthy we eat, determines most of the health problems or issues we face in our daily life. Whenever there is a pain or a unpleasant sensation in the body, its just a signal from our body to let us know, that there is something wrong with our diet and the way we are living right now. And if we keep ignoring these repeated danger signs from our body, or try to suppress them temporarily by just popping a pill or two, we aggravate the many folded risks of serious consequences later. We have to deal with them on a serious note and find a permanent solution. Surgeries and medications can only relief you on a temporary basis, as hemorrhoids has a high rate of re-occurrence if the root causes are not addressed properly. We have to uproot it from its roots, or it will resurface in the future soon!

hemorrhoid diet

Hemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed veins in the lower section of the rectal region that are caused by increase in pressure on the rectal walls or anus caused by various reasons like strained bowel movements, constipation, overweight,  weakening of the tissues & muscles due to aging, or even due to factors like pregnancy and childbirth.  As we find out the typical symptoms of hemorrhoid like painful bowel movement, irritation, itchiness, a protruding lump near the anus, or bright red blood stains on our toilet paper or stool, we should not ignore it at any cost. If we deal with in its early stages, it’s quite easy to get them cures on a permanent basis, in contrast to situations when the ailment becomes complicated and shows up with many other serious complications later, if left unattended for long periods of time.

And the first step towards curing your hemorrhoid problem is checking your diet. Improvise your diet according to your requirement. You need to be well aware of what are the foods that trigger or flare-up your hemorrhoid symptoms and what the foods that reduces them and heals you are!

So in this article, we will be discussing in good details of what food you should be avoiding and what the food items that you should include in your daily diet! A healthy diet not only cures you hemorrhoid issues, but also reflects on your life as a whole, making it happier and healthier. Let’s see what’s good for you!

First, Foods that you should have in your diet!

healthy fiber rich food

Anything that makes your stool smooth, thus easing and regulating your bowel movement without putting any strain on the rectal wall or anus is good for you. Constipation & poor evacuation habits are the major causes of hemorrhoids.

For proper evacuation of your stool, you need good amount of fiber in your diet. Dietary fibers , the indigestible portion of our food, provides bulky mass to your stool that provides enough moisture to the stool ensuring smoother movement of the bowel and keeping your intestinal track clean, healthy and working properly. Without proper fiber in your diet, your stool becomes dry and hard, making it hard to pass through the intestine, without in turn put strain on the rectal wall resulting in the swelling and inflammation of the hemorrhoids veins.

So to start with, include a good amount of high-fiber food in your diet. The best fiber rich food includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from providing the required amount of fluid and fiber to your diet that helps ease your constipation, this fruits and vegetables also gives you the essential nutrients and antioxidants that strengthens the immune system. Few of the fruits and vegetables that are rich include berries, bananas, apple, oranges, artichoke, avocados, green peas, broccoli, dark leafy greens, cabbage, boiled carrots and Brussels sprouts. Choose the whole fruits & vegetables over juices, as most of the fiber has been removed from it. Eating raw as far as possible is really good for you.

Add Legumes like split peas, lentils, beans to your diet. Less-processed whole grains like barley, whole wheat, oatmeal also provide lot more fiber, proteins and micro-nutrients than the refined grains like white flour. Avoid highly processed foods as they are low in fiber and nutrition. For example, prefer whole grain breads rather than the white or refined flour breads, or prefer the large flakes cooking oats rather than the instant finely ground oatmeal.

drink lots of waterSecondly, drink lots of water. Along with a high-fiber healthy food, taking adequate amount of water is also very important for proper and smooth bowel movement. Water is the key elements to process the high fiber food you intake, without which you won’t get the benefit of it. Drinking at least 2 liters of water, and other non-alcoholic liquids like herbal tea, low-fat milk, or fruit smoothies & broth based vegetable soups per day for alleviating the hemorrhoid strains. Yogurt or kefir is also highly beneficial for you as it promotes your digestive health. Avoid taking caffeinated and high-sugar beverages that won’t help you with your hemorrhoids.

Food to avoid for hemorrhoids!

foods to avoid for hemorrhoids

There are many foods that will hamper your healing process and aggravate your hemorrhoid by making it worse. Few of them are spicy or deep-friend food, junk foods, fatty foods, strong spices like chili pepper or ginger, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, animal products or too much of meat, dairy products like hard cheese or high-fat milk, processed or refined foods like white breads, biscuits, muffins, candy or doughnuts etc. To sum it up, anything that is hard on the stomach and takes longer time to get digested is bad. Anything that dehydrates you should be avoided.

So, as by now I guess you are well-informed and quite aware of the good and bad, healthy and unhealthy foods for you, you are in a much better position to judge and make a healthy diet plan for yourself. It is very rightly said that “You are what you eat”.  So eat healthy and you will remain healthy.

Apart from these dietary habits, good amount of exercise is highly beneficial for you. Avoid stress. Avoid fighting the urge and go to the bathroom immediately. Putting off your bowel movement worsens constipation, thus adding to your hemorrhoids troubles. Also avoid sitting in the toilet for long periods of time as that puts a lot of strain in your rectum.

Following this advises and suggestions, you will soon be able to heal your hemorrhoids and live a happy and comfortable life, without any more of those irritations & pain in your back!

Here are few videos for you that will also give you some more ideas on hemorrhoids diet and how can you get it cured with some simple dietary changes on your part. Enjoy!



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