Do You Suffer From Hemorrhoids?! Here Are The Most Common Piles (Hemorrhoids) Symptoms!

c3Symptoms of Piles or Hemorrhoids vary from person to person. Sometimes they are quite evident and may appear and surface out externally. Whereas sometimes they show no symptoms or signs of their presence and yet have unhealthy affects on us.

As we discussed, Hemorrhoids or piles are the result of excessive pressure on the rectal walls due to which inflammation and damage of the tissues of the wall takes place.  The veins and the blood vessels in the rectum region swells, creating the problems associated with hemorrhoids. Few of the major causes may be constipation, sitting for a long period of time in the toilet, age, pregnancy in women etc that we discussed in detail in our previous post.

The most common initial hemorrhoids symptom are itching or irritation in and near the anus area, pain during bowel movement or blood stains found in the stool.

There are 2 types of hemorrhoids, Internal and External! Both have their own set of symptoms and indications.

Internal hemorrhoids are the ones that take place inside of your anus. They are difficult to detect in their initial stages, as they usually do not cause pain because there are very few of the sensitive nerve ending in there. The most common symptom of internal is bleeding. You will see bright red blood in the stool or stains of blood in your toilet paper. When you see these, you can be pretty sure that it’s a hemorrhoids or piles. This happens because the inner lining of the rectal wall becomes fragile, and as stool passes through it and exerts that pressure and friction, the blood cells go through a wear and tear, causing the blood stains. Another symptom of these types is itching and irritation in your anus, due to the leakage of mucus and fluids out of your anal opening.

piles symptoms

You may also have incomplete bowel moments due to the blockage of the passage by swollen internal veins. This in turn can aggravate the problem of infection inside as fecal matters get stuck in the hemorrhoids. This is not a good thing for the already damaged blood veins as they become very vulnerable to infections.

At its advanced stages, internal hemorrhoids prolapse and protrude out of your anus.

On the contrary, external hemorrhoids are pretty obvious as they occur outside your anus. You can see and feel lumps of flesh around you anus. They can also be really painful and can cause a lot of discomfort. Going to the toilet can actually become a true nightmare for those suffering from hemorrhoids, as they may experience a lot of pain during bowel movements. They can be usually reddish pink in color. If they are thrombosed, they can become dark purple and can hurt a lot. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are blood clots protruding out the anus, with their size varying from small pea sized ones to the bigger ones of the size of a golf ball.

Hemorrhoids symptoms

So what can you do about these symptoms?!

First and foremost, if you see any of these symptoms, its most likely that you are suffering from piles or hemorrhoids. So do not ignore it at any cost. It’s always better if you can get this treated in its early stages to avoid further damages to your hemorrhoidal veins. The good news for you is that hemorrhoid is easily treatable and can be cured with home remedies.  We would be discussing a lot of natural and holistic remedies that will take care of you hemorrhoids and relief you off the pains and irritations.

As few initial precautions, I would like to warn you against scratching your anus, even though you may feel the strong urge to do so. These may aggravate the issues and cause infection.  You may soak your anal region in warm water (called the Sitz bath). That will provide you some relief from all those itching and irritations. Take care of your basic hygiene. Keep it clean and dry. Avoid putting any pressure on the back, like putting too much strain while bowel movement and sitting for a long time in the toilet. Drink lot of water and eat healthy! We are coming up with lots of good contents for you. So keep an eye for that!

Till then, here are few informative videos for you, that you detail you even more on hemorrhoids, its causes, symptoms and treatments. Enjoy!

Talk to later. Till then, stay healthy! 🙂



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